About Me

A 'self-taught' artist, I have been crafting, painting, drawing, and creating for over 40 years.  I enjoy working with many different mediums and am always finding new styles or materials to work with.

Teaching Experience:

I have been teaching in informal settings for over 20 years.  I have taught large groups at camps and church functions as well as medium, small, and private classes from my home.  I have taught many different age groups, from young children to the elderly.

I currently have two part-time jobs teaching painting and sketching.  I teach painting at a studio called G'Nosh, in Richardson.  I also teach sketching to children at several local elementary schools.  I do this with Young Rembrandts.

Family Background:

I am married and have two grown daughters.  I have one grandson and one granddaughter.  I grew up in the Dallas area and enjoy going to local high school sporting events to watch my nephews play.  I like to garden, love on my grand babies, volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, watch any kind of sport on T.V., and travel to Utah and Idaho to visit family.  I am very involved with my church and currently teach music each Sunday to the children ages 3-12.

Areas of Expertise:

-Acrylic Painting
-Polymer Clay
-Fused Glass
-Lampwork Beads
-Paper Dolls (thanks to two daughters!)
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